Красноярская универсиада 2019 года

2-12 MARCH 2019

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Countdown to winter universiade 2019

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Bandy World Championships Y 19

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Yenisei Ice Stadium
January 25-27, 2019
In late January Krasnoyarsk hosted the eleventh test event of the Winter Universiade 2019, the Bandy World Championship Y 19. Five teams contested the Bandy Big Five countries: Russia, Sweden, Kazakhstan, Finland and Norway will compete. According to the rules of the competition, the teams held a round-robin tournament, following the results of which the four strongest teams will hold a medal event. Russia played with Sweden in the final. 
The first one was between the teams of Sweden and Norway; the former won but the latter put up a good fight. Norwegian players showed strong resistance, and it was only by the end of the first half that Swedish strikers managed to score three goals. In the second half the teams exchanged goals. The final score is 4:1 in favour of Sweden.
The Russian team proved to be faster than their opponents, more active in attack and thus managed to score three goals that were enough to score off. With the score 3:1, Russia won the game.
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For the first time the Bandy World Championship Y 19 held at Yenisei Ice Stadium. After the Winter Universiade 2019 the venue will host regional and international competitions. Yenisei Ice Stadium is an indoor arena for Bandy, designed for 5,000 spectators, meets all the requirements of international standards. The venue includes an ice rink with stands, a warm-up hall, a gym, changing rooms and technical rooms. The size of the ice rink is 114 х 70 m. The stands of the ice rink can be transformed to accommodate large-scale spectacular events.

A unique roofing technology was used in the construction of the stadium where one of the core elements of the roof construction is laminated wood arches with the distance between the bearing points of up to 99.9 m. There are only a handful of venues in Russia built to the similar structural design that reduces metal consumption and makes the building structure lighter.

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Schedule of tournament

Round-robin tournament schedule (Krasnoyarsk mean time UTC+7):

Date & Time


Final Score

January 25, 10:00

Russia — Norway


January 25, 12:30

Sweden — Kazakhstan


January 25, 15:00

Norway — Finland


January 25  18:00

Russia — Sweden


January 25, 20:00

Kazakhstan — Finland


January 26, 10:00

Norway — Kazakhstan


January 26, 12:30

Finland — Russia


January 26, 15:00

Sweden — Norway


January 26, 18:00

Kazakhstan — Russia


January 26, 20:00

Finland — Sweden


Play-offs schedule (Krasnoyarsk mean time UTC+7):

Date & Time


Final Score

January 27, 09:00

Semi-Finals (places 1-4)
Sweden — Norway


January 27, 11:30

Semi-Finals (places 2-3)
Russia  —  Finland


January 27, 16:00

Match for 3rd place
Norway  —  Finland


January 27, 19:00

Sweden — Russia


January 27, 20:30

Competition Closing Ceremony