Красноярская универсиада 2019 года

2-12 MARCH 2019

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    One of Winter Universiade 2019 Venues Supplied by District Heating

    Nikolay Glushkov, Minister of Construction and Housing of Krasnoyarsk Territory, held a meeting on the Platinum Arena construction site focused on the supply of the Universiade venues with public utilities. The work progress was reported to the Minister by the heads of utility providers and Russian Platinum investor company.

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    Shortly before that, Krasnoyarsk Heat Transportation Company connected the sports venues to district heating networks; the heating provider is Krasnoyarsk CHP-2. According to Alexander Shlegel, director of Krasnoyarsk branch of the Siberian Generating Company, the connection of this venue to district heating is part of the SGC’s plan of Krasnoyarsk heating system development. The investments of the group in the project reached about RUB85 mln. For its implementation, two pipeline sections with a total length of more than two kilometers were built.  

    Then, Oleg Knyazev, head of the capital construction department of KrasKom, reported on the readiness to connect Platinum Arena to cold water supply and discharge systems in March. All earthworks, construction and installation, as well as providing public services and amenities in the venue should be completed by November 30, 2017. Until the end of June, it is necessary to lay 1,225 m of water conduit divided into two lines with 300 mm diameter each, and 1,716 m of sewage networks with 300-500 mm diameter. In August, the contractor will commission the water mains of 2,338 m long.

    Summing up the meeting, Nikolay Glushkov notes that supplying Platinum Arena with district heating is a milestone for the facility that will not just host events of the Universiade, but will also become a gift for all city residents. "It helps us to move to a new stage of construction, to start finishing on the ground floor," says the minister. "In December this year, our investor and partner Russian Platinum will commission the venue. Platinum Arena will be a landmark for the right bank of Krasnoyarsk: instead of the abandoned territory, the city will enjoy a wonderful recreation place with the improved embankment, a new traffic junction from the bridge, pedestrian areas and much more".

    Source: www.krskstate.ru

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