Красноярская универсиада 2019 года

2-12 MARCH 2019

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    273 volunteers gained experience in staging of the WSOC2017

    A total of 273 volunteers provided assistance in staging of the 22nd World Ski Orienteering Championships that was held in Krasnoyarsk from March 5th till March 13th.They helped to make the competitions truly comfortable for the participants and guests and gained invaluable experience of working at the international-level event.

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    The candidates to participate in this event came through a thorough selection procedure. Anyone could apply for and become part of the team. As a result, 560 applications have been received. The WSOC2017 OC selected the required number of volunteers based on the interviews. From December 2016 to February 2017, all candidates received a special online training.

    On the competition site, volunteers covered 24 functional areas. They helped in the organization of ceremonies, provided assistance in secretariat and course setter operation, in logistics, accreditation, accommodation and navigation. Supporters and athletes noted repeatedly the friendliness and competence of Krasnoyarsk volunteers.

     “The main thing accounted for during the selection is the desire of the guys themselves. Anything can be learned if one wants to: foreign languages, new information about the sports, etc. So the main things are perseverance and the wish to do something important. The Executive Directorate of 29th Winter Universiade 2019 has absolutely no problem with the volunteer movement – we have existing volunteer communities in the major universities. Based on the work at the World Championships, each person will have a record in his or her volunteer book, which will give them a chance to seek for more important positions during the Winter Universiade 2019” - says Maxim Urazov, director general of the Executive Directorate of the 29th Winter Universiade 2019.

    Each volunteer was given the brand uniform, hot meals and drinks during the shift. On completion of the Championships, volunteers received letter of thanks from Leho Haldna, President of the IOF (International Orienteering Federation) and Maxim Urazov, Operation director of the Championships, director general of the Executive Directorate of the 29th Winter Universiade 2019.

    The experience gained by volunteers at the WSOC2017 will be taken into account in the selection procedure for the Winter Universiade 2019. About 5000 volunteers will be involved to assist the 29th Winter Universiade 2019.

    Interesting facts:

    - most number of volunteers were at the age of 18-21;

    - most age-related volunteer - 43 years old;

    - 272 volunteers were from Krasnoyarsk and 1 from Abakan.

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