Красноярская универсиада 2019 года

2-12 MARCH 2019

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Countdown to winter universiade 2019

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Winter Universiade 2019 test event in Alpine skiing ended on March 9

Today, the Closing Ceremony of the Winter Universiade 2019 test event in Alpine skiing took place in Funpark "Bobrovy Log".  After awarding the winners of the giant slalom competitions, the organizers and honored guests of the celebration declared the competitions closed.

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According to Maxim Urazov, the Director General of the Winter Universiade 2019 Executive Directorate, the work of the test event Organizing Committee does not stop there. The results await to be summed up. Maxim Urazov also stressed: "We will carry out more analytical work. Quality is about the little things, so we will continue to work on all the details. We have tested a number of services, ranging from airport meetings to holding the athletes’ awarding ceremonies. We have managed to obtain a very high-quality TV broadcast picture. According to many experts, it is a world-class TV picture.  That is very important, because the Winter Universiade 2019 will be watched by people around the world. This year, we have launched a new convenient accreditation system. However, there is still work to be done. After the races, we will hold debriefings and collect feedback from all. We have the whole year and other test events to work out and make all preps even more qualitative. We have conducted awesome competitions, and it is a great reason to move on."

The Closing Ceremony of the test event was attended by acting Minister of Sport of the Krasnoyarsk Territory Sergey Alekseev. He said that the overall quality of the competitions was positive: "Such level of course preparations in Krasnoyarsk has been demonstrated for the first time. Now we will sum up the results comprehensively. It is important for us how the employees worked in each area. Only in combination of joining efforts, you can make a good event. If to speak about sports results, I wish the Krasnoyarsk athletes performed better. Perhaps, emotional burden was a little bit of a disturbance there. We have something to work on. We hope that our guys will get on the country’s national team and will perform at the Winter Universiade 2019 next year."

Looking back, from 5 to 9 of March, the Funpark "Bobrovy Log" held test event of the Winter Universiade 2019, namely the stage of the Russian Cup stage "TZIMIK MEMORIAL", Russian Alpine Skiing Championship (FIS). A total of 150 athletes from 17 regions of Russia took part in the competitions. They fought for the victory in four disciplines: slalom, downhill, parallel team competitions and giant slalom. The athletes have competed for a total of 9 sets of medals.

Evgeny Lisitsa from Krasnoyarsk became the winner of the Russian Championship in downhill. Our countryman Pavel Zapletin has developed a maximum speed of 122 km/h during the races. Alexey Ovchinnikov from Krasnoyarsk took silver in the giant slalom, and Anton Endzhievskiy ranked fourth in men's slalom. The Krasnoyarks team showed the fourth result in parallel team competitions. A great number of female skiers from the regional team entered the top 30 best female athletes at the end of the races as part of the Russian Cup stage "TZIMIK MEMORIAL".

More than 100 employees of the Organizing Committee, 100 referees under the leadership of the chief of race Alexey Orlov, more than 40 doctors and rescuers, and 150 volunteers took part in the organization of the competitions on a daily basis. For all 5 days of the Winter Universiade 2019 test event, nearly 4,000 spectators have visited Funpark "Bobrovy Log".   

It should be noted that Alpine Skiing Complex Funpark “Bobrovy Log”, that was the venue of Alpine skiing test event, is an investment project of the Winter Universiade 2019 General Partner “Nornickel”.

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