Красноярская универсиада 2019 года

2-12 MARCH 2019

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Countdown to winter universiade 2019

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The Universiade Flame lightening took place in Turin

The Universiade Flame lightening ceremony took place in Turin, in Italy. Turin became the first city in the international leg of the Universiade Flame.

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The ceremony was held at the campus of the University of Turin. The official part of the event was attended by Oleg Matytsin, FISU President, Chiara Appendino, the Mayor of Turin, Gianmaria Ajani, the Rector of the University of Turin, Guido Saracco, the Rector of Technical University of Torino, Sergei Kosilov, Deputy Minister of Sport, Sergei Seyranov, President of Russian Students Sport Union, Sergei Eremin, Krasnoyasrk Mayor, and Maxim Urazov, Director General of ANO “Directorate Krasnoyarsk 2019”.

"FISU is honored to return to Turin for the Winter Universiade 2019 Flame lightning ceremony. The Flame will pass the route to Krasnoyarsk and will end its journey at the Games Opening Ceremony next year. A special significance of today's ceremony is added by the fact that the Universiade Flame starts on the International Day of University Sport (September 20). The Flame of the Winter Universiade 2019 symbolizes unity and friendship between students from all over the globe. Today we send the Fire of the Games on the next trip, knowing that our mission of positive influence on future leaders through the development of student sport as important to society as before," said FISU President Oleg Matytsin.

Deputy Minister of Sport of the Russian Federation Sergey Kosilov noted in his welcoming speech that he is confident that the Winter Universiade 2019 in Krasnoyarsk will be held at the highest organisational level, "The athletes will show good results, defending the honor of their countries and universities, and will write their names in the history of the Games. "

The participants of the ceremony watched the presentation of the Krasnoyarsk Territory and the city of Krasnoaysrk, the embellishment of the presentation was Yenisey Siberia, vocal and dance performance, directed by Ilya Averbukh, an Olympic silver medalist, the Ambassador of the Winter Universiade 2019. The performance revealed the cultural background of Russia and the Krasnoyarsk Territory. The programme featured one more creative performance called Our Winter with the participation of vocalists, dancers and extreme athletes. The performance familiarizes the spectators with the upcoming Games which will be hosted in Krasnoyarsk, Russia, in 2019.

The ceremony culminated in the lighting of the Cauldron, To light the Cauldron FISU President Oleg Matytsin used the torch of the Universiade 1959. It should be noted that on the metal petals of the Cauldron you can see the emblems of all the Summer and Winter Universiades. Now there is a petal with the Winter Universiade 2019 logo.

After that, Nikolay Olyunin, a Russian snowboarder, 2014 Winter Olympics silver medalist, silver prize-winner of the Winter Universiade 2013, the Ambassador of the Games lit the  first Winter Universiade 2019 Torch from the Cauldron.

"Of course, I was very agitated! It is a moment of history for the whole world. I was embarrassed with honour of this responsible mission; it is a new experience for me. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to create my chapter in the history of the Winter Universiade 2019! This moment is also very important for me because the Games will be held in my hometown. Krasnoyarsk today is rapidly changing due to the preparation for the Winter Universiade 2019: modern sports venues are being built, the new squares are landscaped," shared Nikolay Olyunin after the ceremony.

Then the flame was delivered to the Technical University of Torino where it was put into the lantern to be sent to Kazakhstan. On September, 24 Almaty, the host city of the Winter Universiade 2017, will welcome the Flame. On September, 26 the Universiade Flame leg in People's Republic of China will take place in Harbin which hosted the Winter Universiade 2009. On September, 29 the Russian leg of the Universiade Flame starts. It will encompass 30 cities of the country. The Universiade Flame ends on March 1,2019 in Krasnoyarsk, the host city of the Winter Universiade 2019.

It is worth noting, that Miss and Mr Volunteer 2018 contest in Krasnoyarsk is confined to the Universiade Flame start. The winners will receive not only prizes with the Winter Universiade 2019 marks, but also the opportunity to take part in the final leg of the Universiade Flame in the host city of the forthcoming Games. 
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