Красноярская универсиада 2019 года

2-12 MARCH 2019

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Countdown to winter universiade 2019

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Volunteers Tested the Universiade Village

From 1st to 2nd February six hundred volunteers checked the readiness and infrastructure of the Universiade Village. They tested the main services that will be rendered to athletes and delegates from different countries during the Games. The services testing started from checking in and accommodation in the rooms, and all through the medical services and entertainment sites operation. The second day was marked by a Village tour for journalists who were showed how venue operation will be organized during the competitions.

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Everyone could participate in the testing by having a special registration form filled out in the Internet. The volunteers had been staying in the new Universiade Village located in the campus of Siberian Federal University on Svobodny Avenue. Over this period, the participants were able to test the main services that will be provided to athletes and delegates from various countries during the Winter Universiade Krasnoyarsk 2019: accreditation, check in, food and beverages, medical care, the entertainment lounge zone, the fitness centre, the souvenir shop, etc.
The volunteers were nominally divided into teams from different countries and were offered to play the role of international delegates. So, everyone took a suitcase and sports equipment to test the readiness of transport and checkpoints to handle the luggage of nonstandard sizes. During the testing of the Universiade Village, the volunteers checked venue employees' knowledge of foreign languages, sought medical treatment in the Medical Centre and ate in the future Dining Hall of the Universiade.
As one of the test participants, Alyona Skuratova, said, she played an interesting role: "According to the legend, I was a hockey player from Switzerland. I checked in at the dormitory, but I assertedly lost my baggage. Then I went to a doctor: all that to check how employees and volunteers would react to nonstandard situations. And I spoke to all those around in English to see whether they can understand a foreigner. In general, everything went fine. I am sure that athletes participating in the Winter Universiade Krasnoyarsk 2019 will like it here very much!".
According to the Director General of the ANO "Directorate Krasnoyarsk 20191", Maksim Urazov, upon the testing of the Universiade Village, the volunteers will leave their suggestions on what can be done better.
"The construction is completely finished, all multifunctional centres of the Universiade Village have been commissioned, and now all systems as well as cooperation between employees and services at the venues are being fine-tuned," said Mr. Urazov. "Not only all our venues are being tested, but also people who work here. They are becoming a united team that promptly reacts to any change. The Village demonstrated its operability; the testing participants are satisfied with comfortable conditions of their stay, with food and other services. We are sure that by the beginning of the Universiade everything will be well prepared."
Vladimir Kolmakov, Acting Rector of Siberian Federal University, emphasized that the Universiade Village will become a valuable part of the Games legacy: "Both the Universiade Village and the volunteer residences are located in SibFU campuses. It is a very wise decision because after the competitions all these places will serve students who will stay, study and work here. Every rouble invested in the preparation for the Universiade is a rouble invested in Russian education. I am proud to say that there are very few universities having such wonderful campuses in our country."
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