Красноярская универсиада 2019 года

2-12 MARCH 2019

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Countdown to winter universiade 2019

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Ross Whyte, "The first Games in my life went off magnificently!"

Ross Whyte, skip of the United Kingdom Curling team, silver winner of the 2016 Winter Youth Olympics, bronze medallist of the Winter Universiade 2019, shared some traditions, told about vibe on the ice and love of curling.

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How long have you been playing curling, Ross? Why did you choose that sport?
– I have been playing curling since I was six. This sport was a part of my school programme. I was watching it all the time, I was on the ice all the time and, that was how I got addicted. Now I cannot imagine my life without curling. I am always glad to be able to get on the ice, compete with the best. Curling helps me to stay focused on my goals, to set my own, so that I can wake up in the morning and clearly understand what I want and why. I wake up and I know what to do, I am ready to progress, to move on and accept any challenges.
How popular is Curling in your home country?
– Curling becomes more and more popular every year, but not long ago there were few people who knew about it—it was not widely known. Now it is covered much better and from various perspectives by media and on TV. Some of our schools include this sport in extracurricular activities, and some universities have grants that allow students to play Curling professionally. In general, Curling originated from my homeland, so many of my fellow countrymen love and do this sport.
The United Kingdom team is very strong. What is the secret of your professionalism?
– Each of us is quite strong since we are constantly playing and training at home. We are also playing together very often—it allows us to be a tight-knit team. But the main secret is simple as always—only training and love to the sport can bring the result.
Who do you think was the strongest opponent at the Winter Universiade 2019?
– Switzerland, I would say. Despite the fact that they lost to us in the match for the 3rd place, those guys managed to reach the finals. And throughout all the competitions, I enjoyed their game, they were really great.
What famous Curling player would you like to play with?
 – With Kevin Martin, the Canadian Curling player, Olympic Games champion. He is a true professional.
There is a tradition in Curling: the winning team must present a treat to the lost opponents. Is this still a tradition in the United Kingdom?
– Yes, but we only follow that tradition in our home country. If we had been in the UK, we would have definitely presented drinks to the losing team. And here, because it is an international competition, our traditions are a bit improper.
Was it your first Universiade? What are your impressions?
 – Yes, it was. The first Games in my life went off magnificently! I liked it very much, I enjoyed everything that was going on. We got acquainted with different athletes, spent a lot of time together, communicating, discussing game moments. The Siberians turned out to be really welcoming.
What do you think of Ivan Yarygin Sports Palace?
 – It is great, the venue itself is unique. There was a real celebration in the arena. Not only was the ice magical, but the spectators were also very supportive, creating a pleasant atmosphere.
What were you expecting of Krasnoyarsk before the visit?
 – To be honest, I did not expect anything. I had no idea where they were taking us; I did not read or know anything. But the things I have seen exceeded my expectations.
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