Красноярская универсиада 2019 года

2-12 MARCH 2019

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Countdown to winter universiade 2019

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Aleksandra Romanovskaya, "Sopka Cluster is a perfect place for Freestyle Skiing and Snowboard competitions!"

Alexandra Romanovskaya, a 2018 Winter Olympics participant, World Cup 2019 winner and two-time Winter Universiade 2019 winner from Belarus, shared the secrets of her victories and  personal impressions of the Games.

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– How did you get into sport?
– It was very prosaic, as it was my parents' decision. One day my parents decided to enlist me into sports section. They looked through various options. This is how I got to my first Freestyle Skiing trainer. What can I say? This sport entirely absorbed me!  
– What do you feel when you recall your performance at the Winter Universiade 2019?
In general, after the Games I have bright, joyful memories. Everything went well, the courses and the organization were on top. Of course, I remember my mistakes too. They need to be corrected and I need to work on myself. We had little time to get used to the slopes of the Krasnoyarsk Sopka and had to adapt as quickly as possible. Right now, after the competition, I can say I could have done better. But in general, I'm satisfied with my results.  
– Is the coach happy with you, or does he still have any remarks even to the gold medallist?
– He is happy indeed! He's always trying to cheer me up and support me, no matter the situation. In a while, when my emotions stabilized,  he pointed me to certain mistakes I had made in the air. I often make mistakes at the landing stage. I should be more careful during the programme and do everything in time. In fact, I don't have a lot of jumps in my arsenal, so at almost every competition I have more or less the same set of jumps. I always speak with the coach to define my programme. First of all, we consider my personal fitness and weather conditions. For example, it was harder to train on the first day of the competitions because the weather was warm—the ramps became softer, and it was harder to jump as the result. We got lucky with the weather during Mixed Team Aerials. Everything went great. Even wind was not enough to meddle with the result. This is a very important factor.
You are the only female athlete who did triple flip during the Games. Were you worrying before the performance?
– I think there's going to be a lot more girls next year with these kind of jumps. I'm just interested to set myself a challenge, I enjoy moving forward. I also try not to compare myself with other athletes. And as for excitement, I'm just enjoying the altitude and the speed.
– What are your goals for the nearest future?
– First of all, I need to file my technique, learn some new elements. I hope to try a triple flip with three twists this year. Actually, there's a lot more to be done.
Do you have a favourite time for training?
– I'm comfortable practicing at darkness hours. In our sport, good visibility during a jump is very important. When the sky is dark, it's easier for me to orientate myself when I land on snow.
What are your impression of Sopka Cluster?
– Sopka Cluster is a perfect place for Freestyle Skiing and Snowboard competitions! I have never seen anything like that before. In particular, I'm impressed with the compact layout of the courses for all Freestyle and Snowboard disciplines. Everything is organized just great. When I discovered the Winter Universiade 2019, I had a great desire to visit Krasnoyarsk because Russia always takes a very responsible approach to organization of such events on a grand scale and do it at the highest level. I am very glad that I was lucky enough to participate in the Winter Universiade 2019 in Siberia.
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