Красноярская универсиада 2019 года

2-12 MARCH 2019

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Countdown to winter universiade 2019

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Conception of XXIX Winter Universiade 2019

The Winter Universiade 2019 is the third Universiade hosted by Russia.
The first one was in Moscow in 1973, the second was in Kazan in 2013. In modern Russian history, the Kazan Universiade set the high standard for large international sports events, which was widely implemented at the Olympic Games in Sochi. The Winter Universiade 2019 makes Krasnoyarsk a unique sports arena where world powers will take part in a frank sports holiday, the core value of which is to overcome national and religious barriers, to unite people and states. In 2019, Russia is planning to hold the warmest games ever.
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  • sport as a world uniting guests and participants of the Universiade
  • sport as a world presenting the hospitability and friendliness of Russia
  • sport as a world uniting different cultures and values
  • sport as a world standing over time
  • sport as a world that reveals the human endless possibilities

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The Universiade is a unique International holiday of youth and sport. Everyone knows the language of sport, it unites peoples and generations. During the Universiade 2019, thousands of spectators and athletes from all over the world will visit Krasnoyarsk, and it is important for us to make guests feel like home.

We love our region and we are always ready to welcome our guests. We will show them real Siberia – Siberia, snow-blanketed per thousand kilometers, Siberia, warmed by the heat of our hearts. We aim to maximum openness and sincerity, because this is the only way to create a special atmosphere of the Games – an atmosphere of true joy and friendship.
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Siberia is a territory of bleak nature and strong people. Long winters did not tame the ardor of our hearts; they raised the moral courage leading us forward.

Sport is always a quest for excellence, achievements on the verge of possible, energy and strength, overcoming difficulties and yourself.

Holding the Universiade in conditions of an extreme Siberian climate is not only a challenge, but it is also an exciting adventure that will be remembered for life.
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Inspiration is something that leads to ambitious goals and own achievements. A complete commitment is needed for achievements in sports and in life.

Residents’ and organizers’ goal is to inspire all participants and spectators of the Universiade. We believe that we can inspire the whole world with our enthusiasm and energy, making it better.