Красноярская универсиада 2019 года

2-12 MARCH 2019

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Countdown to winter universiade 2019

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The International University Sports Federation (french: Fédération internationale du sport universitaire; FISU) is an international sports organization founded to develop and promote sports among students. 

FISU was officially formed in 1949. FISU's main responsability is the supervision of both the Summer and Winter Universiades, as well as the World University Championships. 

FISU includes more than 170 National University Sports Federations. Once every two years FISU holds Summer and Winter Universiades: complex competitions in a number of sports (Olympiad-type) for students.

FISU Presidents:
1949 - 1961 – Paul SCHLEIMER. FISU was created under the impetus of a physicist and mathematician Paul Schleimer of Luxembourg.  
1961 - 1999 – Primo NEBIOLO, who was an ardent supporter of the development of international university sports movement and the University Games.

1999 - 2011 – George E. KILLIAN, who was a part of the Executive Committee to elect Kazan as the host city of the 2013 Summer Universiade. 

2011- 2015 – Claude–Louis GALLIEN, who participated in the election of Krasnoyarsk as the host city of the 2019 Winter Universiade.

Since November 2015 – Oleg MATYTSIN.

Current Structure:

163 Associations form the General Assembly. The General Assembly meets once every two years, as a rule, during Summer Universiade. Every four years the General Assembly selects members of the Executive Committee: 23 representatives plus 5 representatives of Continental Associations. This Committee represents the FISU Board of Directors.

The General Secretary provides day-to-day administration of the FISU. The FISU Secretariat, FISU Committees, Organising Committees and International Sports Federations jointly organize and hold sports events, Universiades and Student World Championships. FISU Committees, the Executive Council appoint the members during their meetings, immediately following the General Assembly.

FISU cooperates closely with major international sports organizations (IOC, GAISF, WADA).

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