Красноярская универсиада 2019 года

2-12 MARCH 2019

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Countdown to winter universiade 2019

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Medical section of the Universiade

How to Call an Ambulance?

You can call an ambulance by dialing 03 from a landline and 103 from a mobile phone.
You can also make an emergency call by dialing 112 from your mobile phone. Emergency calls are free of charge and are available with negative balance, with locked SIM card or even without SIM card at all.
MTS, Tele-2 or Megafon users can call the ambulance by dialing 030; Beeline users can make a call by dialing 003.

Places of Medical Care

First aid care is provided at medical rooms for athletes and at medical rooms for spectators at the competition venues.
The Universiade Village will have a 24-hour service medical center, which will also provide medical assistance.
There are government-based 24-hour service medical institutions, which can provide any emergency and medical care, regardless of the problem.

Receiving Prescriptions for Drugs

Obtaining a prescription for the necessary drug can be done at the medical center of the Universiade Village, as well as in any medical institution after a doctor's examination. The drug prescription can be released only by a healthcare professional: a physician or an ambulance doctor, a doctor`s assistant or an obstetrician while providing primary medical care.
Download link  - "Prescription_drugs"

Acquisition of Medicines

Some drugs can be obtained free of charge at the Universiade Village medical center.
You can buy medicines at any pharmacy. The Universiade Village pharmacy is open 24/7, as well as some commercial pharmacies of the city.

Import of Medicines to the Territory of the Russian Federation

One can import any medications that do not contain narcotic or psychotropic drugs and their precursors to the territory of Russia. If the drugs contain potent, narcotic or poisonous substances, but they are necessary, one must have a prescription or the medical history notes. All papers must be notarized and have a certified translation into Russian. Such drugs are subject to declare at the customs.


Visitors with diabetes must pay special attention. Since Insulin is not sold at every pharmacy, it is better to learn in advance about its availability. In addition, dosage and labeling may differ from those to which you are accustomed. There are different concentrations of Insulin available at the market. E.g. 1 ml of the drug may have different amounts of insulin units (IU) - 40, 80, 100 and 500. In Russia, unlike, for example, in the USA and most European countries, typical Insulin concentration is 40 IU, but NOT 100 IU (concentrated insulin is sometimes sold in Russian pharmacies, but such dosage is the exception rather than the rule). At the same time, insulin in the cartridges (used for insulin pens) in Europe and Russia has a concentration of 100 IU / ml that is two and a half times more than in vials.