Красноярская универсиада 2019 года

2-12 MARCH 2019

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Countdown to winter universiade 2019

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The List of Goods Suggested for the Rate Card Catalogue for NUSF delegations

To order your chosen goods and services, you need to send an email to The printed version of the catalog can be found here. If you did not find the product you need, go to the Special Order page.

Tariff book photo Стул с железной рамой

200 rub./per day


Folding chair

DEPOSIT 1,750.00 RUB.

Tariff book photo Вешалка

150 rub./per day


Hanger floor for outerwear

Deposit 1,500.00 RUB.

Tariff book photo Большой трехместный диван

2300 rub./per day


Large three seater sofa

DEPOSIT 3,130.00 RUB.

Tariff book photo флипчарт

800 rub./per day


Magnetic board / flipchart

Deposit 2,600.00 RUB.

Tariff book photo Магниты

400 rub./For sale only


Magnets (only for sale)

Tariff book photo Бумага А3

561 rub./For sale only


Paper А3

500 sheets

Tariff book photo Бумага А4

350 rub./For sale only


Paper А4

500 sheets

Tariff book photo Портативный пластиковый разделитель

660 rub./per day


Portable plastic room divider

Deposit 4,000.00 RUB.

Tariff book photo Обычный сейф

2500 rub./per day


Safe, capacity -20 liters, metal

Deposit 5,800.00 RUB.