Красноярская универсиада 2019 года

2-12 MARCH 2019

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    Bandy is a team game that takes place between two teams on ice. Players wear skates and may touch the ball only with their hockey sticks.

    Sports disciplines in the program of the Winter Universiade-2019

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    The hockey match takes place on the ice with two teams of ten field players and one goalkeeper in each taking part. Field players use their sticks to score a goal into the opponent’s net, while trying not to allow the other team to score. Goalkeepers on the goal do not use hockey sticks. The team that scores more goals during the match, wins.

    Men tournament
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    Games in which a small ball was pushed around with a stick had been known in ancient Egypt, Japan, ancient Greece, and ancient Rome.The game on the ice of frozen ponds, in which clubs were used to score goals, is first mentioned in the Middle Ages. Since there were no frosts in hot countries, people played this game barefoot on the ground, but in those countries that had a cold season, when ponds were frozen, people played this game on ice.


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    This sport had first appeared in the United Kingdom in the 18th century.The new game was similar to modern ice hockey but with a ball. In the 1850-1870s, some English football clubs (Sheffield United, Nottingham Forest, etc.) promoted and developed bandy, as ball hockey was commonly known globally.

    The first international bandy match was played in the 1890s between an English team and a Dutch team. The Dutch were fascinated by bandy after a team from Cambridge came to the Netherlands for a series of exhibition matches.

    The National Bandy Association was founded in England in 1891.The Association soon developed the official rules of the game.

    On the brink of two centuries the new game spread to Sweden and Russia, thanks to English workers employed at local industrial enterprises. Later the game reached Norway, Finland, Switzerland and other European countries.

    The North Bandy Union was formed in 1910. The first European Championship was held in Davos (Switzerland) in the winter of 1913. In addition to the Swiss team, other teams in attendance included teams of England, Belgium, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, and France. The English team won the title. WWI interrupted the activities of the Union. Further it was recreated but included only Scandinavian countries now. 

    In 1952, Norway as the host country of the Olympic Games, added bandy to the program of the Winter Olympics in Oslo. All three teams participating in the tournament  Sweden, Norway and Finland  earned the same number of points, the victory was awarded to Sweden for the best difference between goals scored and conceded.

    The International Bandy Federation was founded in 1955. Initially it had included only the USSR, Norway, Finland and Sweden.

    The first championship among men’s teams was held in Finland in 1957. The USSR team won, Finns came in second, and Swedes  third.

    The first championship among women’s teams was held in 2004 in Finland. The Swedish team won. The second place went to the Russian team, and the third  to Finland.

    Bandy events also include world championships for junior teams, youth teams (under 15, under 17, under 19), and girl’s teams (under 17).


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    08.12.2017хоккей с мячом, соревнования

    Winter Universiade 2019 in Krasnoyarsk will play an important role in the development of student bandy

    On December 7, a press conference on the development of student bandy in Russia was held in the TASS news agency. Participants discussed the inclusion of bandy in the international competitions programme and the role of the Winter Universiade 2019 in the promotion of the sport.