Красноярская универсиада 2019 года

2-12 MARCH 2019

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Countdown to winter universiade 2019

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Snowboard is a sport in which you go down snow-covered slopes standing on a special board that is called correspondingly. Currently there is quite a number of different varieties of snowboard. Some of them are included in the official programme of the Olympic Games.


Sports Disciplines included into the Winter Universiade 2019

Sport type photo сноуборд ПАРАЛЛЕЛЬНЫЙ СЛАЛОМ ГИГАНТ


Two riders start riding simultaneously down the same slope but on parallel courses. The gates are spaced at a greater distance which implies greater speeds. Competitions in Parallel Giant Slalom are held on slopes with an elevation of 120 to 200 m. The distance between the poles of the two adjoining gates should be 20 to 25 metres.

Sport type photo сноуборд Параллельный Слалом


Two riders simultaneously go down parallel courses that are marked with blue and red flags. The rider who crosses the finish line first wins the race - unless, of course, the run is performed without any violation of the rules. The layout of courses, terrain and snow surface have to be identical. There are normally about 25 gates on each course. The distance between the poles should be 10-14 metres. The distance between the centres of the start gates should be 9 metres. The course should have an elevation of at least 120 m and up to a maximum of 180 m.

Sport type photo сноуборд Хаф пайп


Half-Pipe is a snowboard event that has been part of the Winter Olympics since 1998. The competitions are held in a ditch that resembles a pipe cut in two. The course is a half-pipe made up of compacted snow or dug out in the ground and covered with a layer of snow. The right geometry and radius are made by ratracks with special caterpillar tracks. The walls are higher than 3 metres and the length of the pipe is over 80 metres. They are dug in a slope of a mountain so that it is possible to gather speed down one wall, jump up the radius of another, do a trick and following the same radius go back to do the next trick down the opposite wall. Half-pipes of larger sizes that are normally used in extremely serious competitions are called super-pipes.

Sport type photo сноуборд  слоуп стайл


The main idea of Slopestyle is to perform a series of tricks and acrobatic jumps in the air as well as on ramps, pyramids, counter slopes, drops, rails, etc that are placed one after another along the entire course. Slopestyle requires a good level of technical preparation and high precision in performance of tricks since every fall along the course may lead to a loss of speed and hence the impossibility of the next trick. The obstacles on the course can be located in one, two or more rows, so while passing this or that leg of the course the rider can choose an obstacle to have a go at.

Sport type photo сноуборд сноуборд кросс


It is a competition in which four to six snowboarders race down a specifically prepared course. This competition is held on a course with an elevation of 100–240m, which should be 30m wide with a slope of 15–18° and a length of 1 200 metres. Every course is marked by a set of various obstacles of complicated geometrical shapes, such as rolls, wu-tangs, banks, quarters, cradles, drops, step-ups, etc.


When snowboarding, just like when skiing, all muscle groups of the athlete are involved, but most of the effort is required from the calf muscles, which help coordinate the athlete's moves during skiing.
The longest snowboarding ride was undertaken by Tommy McMean, who snowboarded for 24 hours in 1988. Over this time he went downhill 101 times, and covered the total distance of 93 km.
The record snowboarding jump from a kicker was performed by Mads Johnson of Norway, who flew 57 m from the kicker that took some 3 weeks to build.


Sport type photo 1985 1st freestyle snowboard action tk

The history of Snowboard as a separate sport started in America in the mid-1960’s. The new sport caught on so well that it was soon officially recognised and in 1985 the first Snowboard World Cup was held in Austria. That was also when the International Snowboarding Association was established. Now only 50 years later Snowboard is included in the programme of the highest level competitions such as the Olympic Games, US Open, X-Games and Univerisiades. The official body that is in charge of Snowboard is FIS, International Ski Federation. These competitions are broadcast on TV all over the world. Lots of ski resorts organise special snowboard parks with constructions made of snow specifically for snowboard tricks.

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