Красноярская универсиада 2019 года

2-12 MARCH 2019

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    Figure skating

    Skating is a precise sports. The main idea is the movement of an skater or a couple of skaters on ice with changes in the direction of sliding and performance additional elements (spins, jumps, combinations of foot strokes, supports, etc.) to the music.

    Sports Disciplines included into the Winter Universiade 2019

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    A short program and a free program must be included in all ISU championships, qualification legs of Winter Olympic Games, the Winter Olympic Games, all the competitions of the Grand Prix series (for junior and adult teams), and all junior international competitions.

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    Each pair consists of a female and a male member. The required elements in ice dancing first appeared only in 1999. Today dancers perform step sequences, twizzle and support series, and dance spins.

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    One woman and one man
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    A variety of figure skating. The athletes, a man and a woman, ride in unison, performing movements in such harmony with each other that it gives the impression of real pair skating, and not independent skating of two singles.

    Men women
    One woman and one man
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    Synchronized figure skating was included into the Olympic program of Turin Games in 2007 as an exhibition sport. Teams from eight countries took part. The Russian team ranked third. The Swedish team won, and the team from Finland came in second.In the future, during the Universiades of 2009 in Harbin and 2011 in Erzurum, synchronized skating was also included in the event program.


    The oldest skates were made of horse bone and found near Odessa, on the banks of the Bug. However, that shape still made the skates unfit for figure skating. Rather, they were used to speed up movement when hunting or traveling.

    In addition to singles, pairs, synchronized skating and ice dances, there is also a rare program of “fours,” with two pairs performing at the same time. Competitions in this kind of figure skating are most common in Canada and America.
    Famous English writer Walter Scott was fond of figure skating.He was one of the initiators of the first competitions among the fans of this sport.


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    The skates were invented many centuries ago. Historical evidence shows that the first skates were made ofanimal bones.

    Stephanius the Monk in 1174 wrote in his “Chronicles of the Noble City of London”: “When a large marsh to the north of the city walls freezes, large groups of young people go there to amuse themselves on the ice. Some, trying to stride as widely as possible, quickly slide on the ice... Others, more experienced in playing on ice, tie animal tibia to their feet, and holding sticks with sharp iron tips, push them against the ice and rush by as fast as a bird in the air or a spear launched from the ballista...”.

    The appearance of the new type of skates provided a powerful impetus to speed skating and then figure skating, which at the time was mostly focused on the ability of the athlete to draw various figures with their skates on the ice, while keeping a beautiful posture.

    First books on figure skating appeared in the 18th century. Robert Jones, an English artillery lieutenant, himself an excellent skater, published The Treatise on Skating, in which he described all the main figures that had been known back then. The book covered the technique of inside and outside arches, forward and back spirals, forward and back ships, forward and back loops and many other elements.

    In the middle of the 19th century figure skating became an official sport that was popular in a number of European countries, and in North America — the US and Canada.

    A total of some 100 years was necessary to develop all the currently required figures and the technical tools for their performance.

    When ISU, the International Skating Union, was founded in 1892, in addition to speed skating it started dealing also with figure skating. The rules for the competition were developed as well.
    The ISU started hosting annual world championships. The first championship took place in 1896 in the capital of Russia, St. Petersburg.The program included only men’s singles.

    Women figure skaters first came to the World Championship in 1906 in the Swiss city of Davos, where they competed for medals in single skating. 

    First championships that included pair skating events took place in 1908 in St. Petersburg.
    In 1948 the International Skating Union recognized ice dancing a separate kind of figure skating, and founded a separate committee within the ISU to oversee the new sport.